Monday, August 22, 2011

In Which I Give an Award

I am proud to announce the winner of this Week's Mighty Pen Award!


Maren has a family blog over at The Henderson Family Chronicles where she is not afraid to be herself. I greatly suggest you check it out.

Her ending was very inventive. I loved the shape shifting! A cool element of the story. And of course I love that the character turned into a cockroach! To see her winning entry, and other winners and honorable mentions check out the tab above.

Honorable Mentions: Spod


  1. Hey, Wow! That's Awesome!!! I'd like to thank the Academy...Oh, wait. Wrong award. Still very cool. I think this officially makes me a writer. I'll be nabbing that baby up to spread all over my blog :) Thanks Krista!!!

  2. I forgot all bout this yesterday. Which is good, because I didn't have an idea as good as either of those two entries. I loved them.

    Congratulations Maren :)

  3. Hats off to the Henderson Family, it was a great entry