Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prompt Tuesday #8

For those of you who don't know, on Tuesdays I post a writing prompt and my response. I encourage you to also write something and share it if you would like.

I have to admit I did not flow this prompt exactly. But when I read it I got the spark of an idea and it just blossomed! I ended up writing a whole scene, which could lead to an entire plot! I enjoyed writing it, and hope you enjoy reading it.


Why would Fortune 500 companies start hiring corporate fortune tellers? (Source: CreativeWritingPrompts.com #277)


“Mr. Armison, your three o’clock is here.” His secretary, Sarah, announced through the intercom.

Derek turned a page in his planner. There was a hand written note on the line marked with a large black three. It read - “Miss Timmeny, fortune teller.” He sighed. This was not an interview he was looking forward to.

He pressed the intercom button on his phone. “Send her in.”

It still did not make sense to Derek that the higher ups in the company wanted to hire a fortune teller. Just because one big company had increased its profits tenfold by listening to the ravings of an old woman, did not mean that it made good business sense.

Sarah opened the door to his office and sauntered in. She laid a piece of paper on his desk. Derek picked it up and glanced over it. “Here is Miss Timmeny’s resume. And this is Miss Timmeny.” Sarah stood aside.

Derek looked up from the resume and almost fell out of his chair. He had been expecting an old woman bedecked in beads and flowing sleeves. The woman who stood before him, eyes sparkling, was young, tall, and beautiful.

Miss Timmeny’s dark hair spilled over her shoulders. The blue color of the blouse she wore under her smart business suit made the color of her eyes jump out.

“Thank you, Sarah.” Derek finally remembered to say. Sarah winked at him and slipped from the room.

“Miss Timmeny, my name is Derek Armison.” He stood and held out his hand to her.

She smiled and shook his hand firmly. “Call me Alison.”

“Alison, have a seat.” Derek tried to keep his calm under the scrutiny of those vibrant eyes. He sat and leaned back in his chair. “So, you are a fortune teller?”

Alison nodded and also assumed a relaxed posture.

“Tell me, how does that work?”

“Show me your books and I will tell you exactly what your company needs to do to earn maximum profits.” She swept her slender hand through the air. “That is all it takes.”

Derek leaned forward. “How, exactly, do you know what we should invest in?”

Her ruby read lips split into a bright smile, flashing her white teeth. “Numbers never lie.”

“Interesting.” Derek looked down at her resume. “Could you perhaps give me an example of when you used your … talent … to make someone money?”

“Sorry, I keep all my divinations private. To protect my clients.” Her expression grew mischievous. “But I can tell you this: That risky, personal investment you made last month. Is about to pay off big.”

“How did you…” Derek started to say, skeptical. The phone rang.

With a wave of her hand, Alison indicated that he should answer it. Derek picked up the phone, “Hello?”

“Derek?” His investment broker, Jake, said from the other side. “I have good news. I just made you a million dollars.” Derek almost fell out of his chair again.

“Jake, let me call you back.” Derek hung up the phone. “Alison, when can you start?”


  1. I got nothing for this one right now :(

    Loved your story though Krista, you should expand it :)

  2. It was a lot of fun to write. I have added it to my 'maybe someday' list.